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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Medicare Patients

Given the nature of my private practice, I had to opt out of Medicare.  This means that Medicare will not reimburse either me or Medicare patients for my professional services (office visits).  I can still see Medicare patients.  Choosing to pay out of pocket for my services does not affect your Medicare coverage for other services such as labs, radiology and other studies that are ordered by me.

Medicare requires that you sign a contract with me prior to me providing any service.  This contract only states that you understand that my services (office visits) are not covered by Medicare.  This contract does not affect your relationship with other doctors.  You can continue to see other physicians.  Coverage of studies ordered by me is not limited by this “Opt Out Contract.”

Many of my patients only see me once or twice a year.  This means that many of you can continue to see me for about $300 a year.  I hope that you will feel that it is worth the added expense to see me for your primary care.